CCTV Systems

It is vulnerability that sets things in scanner. Today not only individual homes but cities and global instabilities have prompted usage of technology to curtail threats & crime. Guarding one’s commercial setup also becomes a priority to consider. One cannot be at all places always to monitor but, can certainly remain vigil in the wake of current scenario.

With the rising urban risk levels and terrorism threats, Video Surveillance comes to play a major role. Efficient and powered technology acts as extra pairs of eyes and produce real time footages which are true evidences. The role of CCTV cameras and video surveillance products like – IP Cameras, Digital Recorder (DVR), Hybrid Cameras, Network Video Servers are imminent considering the rapid developments.

CCTV finds application in many commercial outfits like banks, hospitals, corporates, manufacturing plants, retail stores, traffic control & home security. What needs to identified is how efficient is your CCTV system.

Challenges in choosing the right CCTV System

While India being a cost-sensitive market, consumers are prone to buy products that are economical to their pockets. Many economic products flood the market but one needs to identify, if they are getting any relevant quality for the price paid. Many local or cheap brands could serve your partial purpose. Being educated and willing to accept newer, sophisticated and trusted technology and brands can leverage your investments eventually.

The branded and genuine products come under a heavy price tag. These are imported CCTV products and attract heavy taxes and classified as luxury and not necessity. While the contemplation of luxury against necessity is still met between the CCTV industry and government, high priced, genuine CCTV products will still rule the market.

How to choose a CCTV camera for home & office

Lack of industry regulation and standards renders it difficult to incorporate different products in to a system. CCTV System products that are analogue, hybrid or IP based. In this scenario, a well guided selection and installation would influence better tomorrow.

CCTV camera system has a vast backend process of set-ups, monitoring and updates. The idea is once the technology is adapted, to remain in active application. Right from identifying the right CCTV cameras to installation, updating and maintenance can be well executed only in the presence of a dedicated experienced vendor.

While there is a sea of vendors offering cheaper, poor quality products, identify a vendor who deals in genuine brands, offer pre-and post-installation services, and will keep you updated on the latest trends and technologies.

We at PRP Group supply you with a proposal, detailing, selection, location, positioning, specifications, prices & performance parameters. Our consultants will offer you the best advice and help you strategize complete security installation process.

We provide a comprehensive installation and maintenance package to your satisfaction.

While you have embraced development, it is better to remain secure than vulnerable.


Access Control Systems

Who is accessing my information in my absence? Can I curtail access to my commercial systems? What is the need to secure systems and information?  Am I in total control of securing my assets and information? Do I wish to have monitored flow of traffic in my commercial premises? Are my guards working vigilantly or need to be monitored?

If you find these questions haunting you enough, its time you think of some secure systems.

Access Control Systems are a one-point solution to commercial & residential security. They are systems controlled by computers and remote controls and able to generate precise reports for reference. Access systems are very versatile devices and compact and can be installed at prominent locations.

While many Access-Control Systems are a part of the commercial security systems market, few products that can influence your security measures are listed here –

Biometric Systems

Monitoring the Electronic Time Attendance of employees and rendering access to specific staff in control areas is now achieved thru biometric system.  Biometrics is use of biological data along with technology to enhance security systems. The system captures aspects like finger prints and matches fingerprints with pre-recorded database and allows entry. Biometric systems also come with inbuilt cameras for enhanced security. Every time a fingerprint is punched; the camera captures picture of the individual. The LCD display triggers the related details whether a fingerprint is matching or not.

Biometric Systems are also accessed through Access cards. A system which identifies by scanning a sleek data card.

How to choose a biometric system for your commercial use-

  • Is your utility single or multi door?
  • Are you Biometric System anti-spoof? (A technique of gaining direct access with the system input device)
  • How accurate is your system with regards to identification rate, false reject rate and other biometric standards?
  • If you think in terms of hygiene, would you choose a biometric system that is contact based or contactless?

While there are concerns of anti-pass back, interlocking and tail gaiting which are complex access and restrict measures, it is an expert who can save your time by understanding and crafting the system according to your need.

Boom Barriers

Now monitoring crazy or unsecure traffic, controlling pedestrian and vehicle traffic comes easy through installation of boom barriers. The boom barriers come in various lengths and can be accessorised suiting to different needs. The boom barriers are accessed by RF Tags and Wireless remote systems. Manual operation is an option and advantage in case of power cuts.

How to select a Boom Barrier or a Boom Gate?

  • Sturdy and weather conditions free
  • Less Maintenance
  • Automatic & manual mode operation
  • Better Visibility
  • Area of application determine the power capacity in choosing a boom barrier.

Guard Tour Systems

Guard the Guard is what the Guard Tour System does. A guard’s job is sensitive and to make sure this sensitive task is done without any backlogs or incompetence; the Guard Tour System is an effective tool.

Guard Tour System is a very durable, economic and advanced tool which can be easily brought in operation. It helps operations in 2 ways. The guard on duty can access data in terms of pre-recorded photos and videos over a certain period back in time. It can identify suspects and unclaimed products in the premises, notify to the authorities and call for immediate action. The system also monitors the guard’s patrol schedule through GPS trackers and if the schedule is appropriately executed.  Battery operated system which is controlled by software fed with site maps, operational expanse and additional parameters.

How to select a Guard Tour System?

  • Check for Durability
  • Precision software suiting to your needs
  • Reliability with respect to accurate data output.
  • Simplistic and easy operations.

Access Control Systems Vendors

While you are reeling with the choice of deciding installation of the best products that fit your security needs, We at PRP Group supply you with a proposal, detailing, selection, location, positioning, specifications, prices& performance parameters. Our consultants will offer you the best advice and help your strategies complete security installation process.

We provide a comprehensive installation and maintenance package to your satisfaction.


Fire Management Solutions

Fire a natural resource which when remains uncontrolled can create disasters. While we have exploited the best side of it, we need to know means to tackle the outburst. With this blog we explore the different types of fire, Fire alarm systems, Fire retardants & Fire management.

Fire and its types

Fires can arise through various sources. The trigger could be an electric circuit, a reaction between chemicals, products that are easily prone to fire. For better handling fire is classified in different types-

Combustible – Arising from combustible materials like wood, coal etc

Flammable Liquids – Volatile liquids are easily susceptible to fire

Electrical Equipment – The major source of fire is short circuit

Cooking Media – LPG gases and other cooking products like oils

It’s imperative that you identify –

If your commercial operations are sensitive to fire outbreaks.
If your valuables are secured and fire resistant.
If your near and dear ones are secured from any emergency fire outbreak at home.

While fire could be caused by many reasons, it is important to be educated on how fire can be controlled and above all aim for zero accidents by investing and installing the best fire safety products.

A Fire Management system can be established with a set of components starting from Preliminary Devices which initiate the process like – heat detectors, smoke detectors; Fire Alarm Systems which regulates the system operations & Notification Appliances that conveys signal like – Siren, speakers, audible, tactile or visual devices. Fire extinguishers though handy, come as a rescue only after a fire breaks, but why not remain pro-active and install systems that would ascertain absolute safety.
Fire alarm system are highly advanced and complex considering finer aspects of fire control and management.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarms are tiny sophisticated machines that dot the ceilings of commercial complexes and signal through alarm any scope of fire or smoke. The alarm system code varies from country to country. The alarm systems are also programmed with automated evacuation messages.

Operated through conventional or digital panels these systems are very accurate and highly sensitive.

The fire alarm systems are broken in to various components installed in a pattern to establish synergy. Fire Alarm Systems comes as a mandatory measure in high rises and commercial establishments or institutions where rapid evacuation or total evacuation is difficult. The voice messages keep giving updates on the state of fire, thereby assisting in the evacuation process.
Fire Alarm System with voice alarm communication further aids the fire fighters with establishing control on the situation. The voice messages prompt on the fire’s core existence and the affected areas, alternate route to seek and the extent of fire.

Fire Retardant products

To act more cautionary, it is advisable to take imperative safety measure at construction stage itself.  Commercial outfit like hospitals, auditoriums, high security enclosures, laboratories, Airports, commercial kitchens or any such places which demand extra protection should mandatorily use fire retardant products instead of fire extinguishers. Fire retardant products like Flame retardant doors, retardant false ceilings, windows and special fabrics can control fire to a great extent, therefore preventing accidents.

Fire Extinguishing System

Fire extinguishing System also known as Fire Suppression System is an automatic system which acts without human intervention. The sensitive system is triggered as soon as temperatures increases in a set environment.

Fire extinguishing Systems are designed for specific fire critical areas and act within a quick span of 10secs of any trigger. Fire Extinguishing System is a preventive action to control fire before actual help comes. Network Sprinklers are a chain of programmed equipment that burst with increase in temperature sprinkling water in the affected areas.

FM-200 gas suppression systems are a chemical agent used to extinguish flames and minimize the effect of fire. It is a waterless fire protection system and hence leaves less mess once the fire subsides.

It’s time to check, how safe are you

  • If you are part of a high-rise commercial / residential complex, are the fire safety drills happening regularly.

  • Is your Fire extinguisher replaced/refilled after the last fire incident?

  • Is your architect considering fire retardants and fire extinguishing products as an integral part of the building’s design?