HD Camera

Analogue Cameras which come in resolutions of 1.0MP, 2.0MP and 5.0MP.

These HD CCTV cameras are suitable for Apartments, Shops and Offices.


HD CCTV cameras offer an unrivalled picture quality that delivers high clarity images. Depending on your budget, they can deliver resolutions of 720p, all the way up to 4K. Therefore, there’s no danger that the subject of recordings will ever appear grainy or distorted.

Ideal uses

High definition cameras are particularly useful for use in environments where there is a high risk of theft. Businesses such as banks and casinos should opt for HD cameras, in order to ensure that visitors to their premises are captured in perfect clarity. The footage recorded will be able to provide undeniable identification in the event of a crime being committed.

IP Camera image

Digital Cameras which come in high resolutions of 2.0MP, 4.0MP and 8.0MP.

IP cameras (Network Cameras) are suitable for Housing Societies, Factories & Corporate Offices.


These cameras share live footage across the internet so images can be easily accessed from anywhere on the globe. The bandwidth of the video is compressed, in order to make the online feed reliable. Archive footage is stored on network video recorders (NVRs) or on secure software for later

Ideal uses

A network or IP CCTV camera is the ideal choice for business owners who are often away from site and on the move. Footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world, via a PC, Laptop or Smartphone.

Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor

Wireless IP Cameras with built SD card slot to store recordings, 2-way audio and Night Vision.

Standalone cameras suitable for Apartments, Shops and Offices.


Wi-Fi CCTV cameras were created to inimize installation time. They also make the appearance of the camera much tidier, which may be an important factor for locations such as homes and boutiques. Images transmitted over internet so can be viewed anywhere. Secure storage on SD Card and easy access of archived footage

Ideal uses

Wi-Fi CCTV cameras are a great security option. Their discreet appearance helps them to blend into the interiors. What’s more, there is less set up and camera maintenance required, and footage is transferred via the internet for convenient access.


These are special cameras which capture video and physical temperature of people.

Suitable for Malls, Multiplexes, Institutions, Stations, Airports and Public Places.


Digital Video Recorder for HD Cameras and Network Video Recorder for IP Cameras.

In Configurations of 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channels. Store Recordings on Hard Disk and connect to the Internet for Remote Surveillance. 

CCTV System

CCTV Systems: Well designed and professionally installed safety, security and surveillance systems within a budget.

Multiple Cameras connected to a DVR or NVR.  View on Monitor, TV, LAN and on the Internet.

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View On Smart Phone

View on Smartphone

Via the App installed on the 4G enabled Smartphone, view live video or view recordings from multiple sources and locations – always be in touch.

Smart Video Analytics

Smart Analytics

Artificial Intelligence for Face Recognition, Vehicle License Number Identification, People/Vehicle Counting, Missing Objects, Foreign Objects, Line Crossing and More.

School Bus / Transport Vehicles

School Bus

CCTV System with GPS to monitor boarding/un-boarding, view inside the bus and give the driver’s view of the road via Dash-cam.  Live Route checking and Recorded evidence.

Health & Safety Products

Thermal Scanning

Touch Free – Face Recognition, Body Temperature Recording and Mask Detection.

For Time Attendance and Access Control.  Can be connected to Locks and Networks.

Home Automation


Home Automation: Control and manage all your home appliances, lights, fans, locks, home entertainment system, cameras, from Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

Service AMC

CCTV-AMC Services

We undertake Service and Support AMC for most CCTV and Security Systems including third party installations. Maintenance visits and attending breakdown calls.