Time Attendance comprises of


The reader has a Fingerprint Scanner and an RF Card Sensor built in. The user simply has to flash an RF card and place a finger on the activated scanner. The job is done!

The reader is IP enabled and can be part of the office LAN and the Internet. It comes with built-in battery back-up and USB slot for data download on a pen drive.

The Software comes with reports such as:- Attendance, Lunch Out, Late Coming, Early Going, Early Arrival, Late Going, Overtime, Absent, Leave Management and other day-to-day admin reports.

Access Control Comprises of

Fingerprint or RF Card reader connected to an EML (Electro-Magnetic Lock). This can be standalone (single door) or a networked system for multiple doors.

The user simply places a finger or flashes the RF card to the reader and it unlocks the EML. The EML locks itself again upon contact after the passage. The networked system is managed by a common controller which can be connected to a computer to give in/out reports.

It is also possible to merge time attendance and access control as one unified system.

Application of Time Attendance and Access Control