Security Solutions for Shops


CCTV System is very effective to safeguard the security of staff and property and also keeps an eye on visitors and their activities.

CCTV is proven to increase work efficiency and set a good work culture. It is a Deterrent against Theft and Pilferage and reduces Shop Lifting and Shrinkage.

CCTV also helps in staff to Customer Relations as a Business Management tool.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System helps in accurately recording the timings and attendance of all employees and generates reports for the admin department.
Intruder Alert/Burglar Alarm is a custom designed security system is useful when the shop is shut at night and during holidays. It has several foolproof detectors and sensors such as “Roller Shutter Sensor”, Door/Window Sensor, Motion Detector, Glass Break Detector, Vibration Sensor, Smoke Sensor and more…

You may choose to connect the system to Landline or Mobile Network. As and when there is a security breach, the system will raise an alarm and give calls to you and other numbers of your choice, to enable prompt action.

Fire Alarm System is vital for the Safety of People and Property.

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