Security Solutions for Homes

CCTV System specially designed for use inside your home to monitor:

1. Health and Movement of Seniors, Children and Pets.
2. Activities of Domestic help (Maids, etc).
3. Keep a watch outside your front door.

CCTV System can be viewed live on your 3G/Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone and can record video and audio 24 hours nonstop for one month or more and offers a back-up of video clips on a pen drive.

This “Peace of Mind” system is available at the price of regular day-to-day home appliances and greatly enhances the safety and security of your home.

Wi-Fi Camera. This Wireless Camera which comes with a microphone and speaker connects to the Wi-Fi at your home and enables you to see live video on your 3G enabled Smartphone.

You can record video/audio on an SD card for which a slot is provided in the camera. The product is “Plug-n-Play” and very easy to install and use.

A Video Door Phone is a sleek product for a safe-n-stylish home. It offers un-matched convenience to screen visitors at your front door from different places in the house before giving them access to enter.
Intruder Alert is custom designed security system is useful when nobody is at home, while everyone is sleeping at night or during a medical emergency. This system can be coupled with a home automation system.

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Video Door Phone

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Intruder Alert